Through its innovative programs, Be Big Be Brave, seeks to eliminate harmful gender stereotypes and inspire kids to be their big, brave selves!


Because Your Daughter’s Life Should Never be Defined with a Hashtag

With so many girls self-esteem programs out there, as well as sexual assault awareness and safety programs for girls, it’s hard to know which one to choose.  The Brave Project covers all of this plus opens up conversations about REAL life issues girls face, such as girls bullying girls, digital safety, online safety, healthy relationships and more!


The Pigskin Princess Project is more than just football for kids!

We know that the benefits of playing sports for girls is vast, so we have created a totally unique girls flag football program that encourages ALL girls (even those who may not be big into sports) to get outside and play some football!  Our program teaches participants (ages 3 through 11) the fundamentals of flag football through exciting drills, agility exercises, and scrimmaging.  But, that's not all!  Our 'Word-of-the-Season' segment highlights inspiring females who embody that particular word.  This, along with our guest speakers, and community involvement projects makes for a totally unique and engaging experience! 


With so many different sports for kids to choose from, we decided to create a kids football program that stands out from the rest!  The Pigskin Prince Project is a boys football program that teaches the fundamentals of flag football through exciting drills and agility exercises and... 

Our 'Brave Boy' segment highlights inspiring boys and men who are brave because of their kind hearts and noble deeds.  We developed this program because we found that organized sports for 3 to 5-year-olds were far and few between.  Sports for pre-k age children offer a great opportunity to get them excited about being active at an early age and can help foster lifelong healthy habits.  In particular, flag football for kids is a great sport option!  It offers the same fitness and social benefits as tackle football, with less risk of injury.  We also understand that each child is unique and has different interests and talents.  As a result, we take pride in treating each child as an individual.  Space is limited - sign up your little Prince today!