Hey - it’s Laura!

Thank you for visiting my Speaking page! I have been speaking to audiences for almost 20 years now! To students from kindergarten to college about ways to stay safe. To people incarcerated and at outpatient rehab facilities about the effects of victimization. To middle school girls about drama. To little boys and girls about what true bravery looks like. To teens about bystander intervention and looking out for another.

Whether it’s educating Girl Scouts on earning a badge or speaking to a group of entrepreneurs about starting a small business, I aim to motivate and inspire individuals to live their biggest, bravest lives.

Why book me to speak? Because my professional background combined with my personal background makes for thought-provoking stories that are sure to inspire any audience! (I’m a Social Worker turned Businesswoman whose work with survivors of violence led me to start my own LLC. I’m also the proud product of immigrant parents, the 2nd oldest of six kids, as well as a wife and mom to 3 kids.) I’ve presented to people of all ages and backgrounds on a ton of different topics, some of which include: being brave in business and in life, bullying, sexual assault prevention, the impact of trauma, the power of sports, gender stereotypes, and more! Interested in a particular topic that is not mentioned here? Just tell me what it is that you are looking for! My presentations can be customized to fit any audience!

Call me! I’m available to speak at Conferences, Corporate & Community Events, Women’s Groups, Schools & Colleges, or other outside groups and organizations.

I have presented to school staff, students, Girl Scouts, women in business, and sports teams to name a few! Every presentation is different. The cost for a one-time, 2-hour, workshop-style presentation is as follows:

For 10-12 Participants: $30 per participant / For 13 - 15 Participants: $25 per participant / For 16+ Participants: $20 per participant

To speak at a large scale event or within a school district as part of a yearly curriculum, the cost will vary and be based on an hourly rate that will reflect those differences.

If you have a group you’d like me to present to, I ask that you provide me with the following:

  • Date & Time of Your Event (2-hour minimum requirement),

  • A Place to hold the workshop/event,

  • A Projector and Screen (screen needed only if there is no appropriate wall space available),

  • The participants (a minimum of 10 required)

In return, the services that my cost will cover include:

  • Prep time,

  • Actual presentation time,

  • Travel,

  • A beautiful, customized presentation, and

  • Free giveaways (or a “Be Big Be Brave” badge for Girl Scout groups)

To talk more, please contact me directly at BeBigBeBrave@gmail.com or 845.803.1749. (Yes, I’m old school enough to actually want to speak by phone but new school enough to also speak by text or other electronic means.)