"We crave your pigskin princess classes.  It's like eating candy for days and then having a hot meal with vegetables put on your plate.  Even if you're not the type who loves vegetables...your body and soul would be like YES!!  Thank you!!" -Christine M., mom of a 4-year-old Pigskin Princess

"R. loves the program and can't wait for spring, she was so disappointed on Sunday that there was no Pigskin Princess to go to.  That is a huge endorsement for the program and you!" -Irene M., mom of a 6-year-old Pigskin Princess

"I just wanted to tell you that L. has loved the CD and has been belting the tunes out in the car...She has shown anyone who will look the awesome picture too, as have her father and I.  Thank you so much for the lovely gift!" -Christine K., mom of a 4-year-old Pigskin Princess

"Hi Laura, just to thank you again for another great session. G. had a blast and she loves her new shirt.  You really are running a great program for the girls." -Scott F., dad of a 4-year-old Pigskin Princess

"Laura, Thanks so much.  You did an incredible job!!!  The girls cannot wait for January!" -Alex R., dad of 2 Pigskin Princess, ages 7 & 8.  

"...A. wasn't feeling great tonight...When I asked if she wanted to skip Pigskin Princesses she flipped out with a resounding no!...In the meantime we both LOVE this program."  -Laurie B., mom of a 4-year-old Pigskin Princess

"Dear Mrs. Laura, Thank you for teaching me how to play football."  Love, K. (a 6-year-old Pigskin Princess)

"Laura, You do so many wonderful things for O. and the other girls.  Thank you so much for that!...Thanks for being you!  -Laura

"I just want you to know that even though O. tends to be pretty shy when initially joining in the fun, she is loving this program! She lines up her dolls and teaches them the rules you discuss and tells stories about the girls you teach about. At our Sunday dinner she was teaching her younger cousin all of her new moves and insists on telling everyone that she is a football player.  Her father and I took her to buy a real football this Sunday and she picked out football cards too, which she can't wait to bring to show and tell...I am so happy to see her so excited and proud of herself. Thank you for all you do!" - Nicole C., mom of a 4-year-old Pigskin Princess